fav of the day: rapper #17, (g)i-dle’s soyeon

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Making her debut at #17 the second female rapper on our list is…

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.

So, let me start by asking: you know those D&D Alignments? Chaotic evil, lawful good, true neutral, so on and so on? Sure you do.

Well, the first time I ever heard Soyeon rap, I knew before I even laid eyes on her that she just had hella chaotic energy. Evil or good, I wasn’t sure–and I promise I mean that as a total compliment as a chaotic good alignment with a love of chaotic evils myself.

Then, I sat down to watch my first ever (G)I-DLE video and one look at her told me I was totally right.

Lady’s absolutely wild in the best kind of way.

She’s bursting with energy that just overflows onto all of her verses and makes them pop to life. Her voice is super unique in quality and pitch, and that can sometimes be an issue for rappers of any gender who don’t know what to do with their voices.

But with Soyeon, she does more than just make it work. She uses her voice like a paintbrush to splatter color all across the canvas whether she’s bouncing over her verses or contributing to the sung lyrics.

It’s full of sass and confidence, which to me is a nice reflection of Soyeon herself.

In this way, she doesn’t seem to struggle to find a style, to churn out something that works with the sound of their songs. She just opens her mouth out comes an effortless, naturals style she uses to better every (G)I-DLE track.

For all of the power and personality that Soyeon brings to (G)I-DLE, she has made it onto our list of fav rappers this month.

Check out a quick list of some of my favorite Soyeon verses below and check back tomorrow to discover #16.

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