fav of the day: rapper #18, peniel

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Standing tall at #18 is none other than…

BtoB’s Peniel.

As a simp for The Rose’s Kim Woosung, my first exposure to Peniel was his feature on the song Beautiful Girl and it was just too cute.

That song’s already got plenty of color and personality with Woosung’s unique voice and… interesting… lyrical choices (like, uh, ‘my name is Sam/and I like some ham.’ It had me feeling kinda like Quill’s mom in Guardians of the Galaxy…)


What I mean is I love that cute little song so by proxy I liked Peniel for what he added to it. A quick trip through his work showed he continues to bring that flavor to any other song he does, whether that’s solo, featured or with his group.

Peniel seems to put a lot of care into the songs he gets featured on, too. With Peniel, it never feels like he’s just jumping in to fill in the Obligatory Rap that is asked of him.

He instead leaves behind a distinct flavor on the tongue that’s enough to make him strong enough to stand out on his own, too.

He adds a certain playfulness and expressiveness to his lines no matter how many or how few he’s given; even if he just gave a handful of syllables, they’ll be one of the most memorable syllables in the track.

Regardless of the lyrical content or vibe of the track, Peniel never feels out of place, either. For the versatility, skill and effortlessness with which Peniel raps, he’s made it onto our list of fav rappers this month.

Check out a few of our fav tracks featuring him below and come back tomorrow for #17

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