kpop, a playlist: national umbrella day

february 10th is national umbrella day in the u.s., celebrate the kpop way with our playlist

I was never good at holding an umbrella by myself. Now I’m holding one, as if I’m used to it.

H&D, Umbrella

Rain don’t stop, fall again The two of us, under this umbrella that only fits one person

NCT 127, Love Song

When I see a red umbrella, I remember that day and your face that I forgot

GFriend, Red Umbrella

You are the umbrella over my head.

EPIK HIGH & Younha, 우산

Clouds become umbrellas for the sunshine


I need the rain, don’t need umbrella

GWSN, Tweaks Heavy Cloud But No Rain

Your back got wet in the sudden rain. I carefully gave you a small umbrella.

Jeong Sewoon, When It Rains

It’s annoying to carry an umbrella all day, but my shoes will get wet anyway.

DIA, Nobody Knows

When it is raining, I become wet again while hugging my longing. Our umbrella which has become as a picture. I still remember that time.

PENTAGON, When It Rains at Night

The clouds that saw the umbrella cried.

Heize & Nafla, Umbrella Calls for Rain

Becomes a long rainfall. Even an umbrella is too good for me. I’m sick with you like a cold.

SHINee, Who Waits for Love

I’m getting all wet right now. I don’t even have the strength to open an umbrella.

I.O.I., Downpour

If your burdens get heavy, put it down. I’ll be your umbrella.

Eric Nam, Stop the Rain

I think I should go outside without even an umbrella.

BTS, Rain

I’ll hold your umbrella for you. I’ll be there all the time without telling you.

X1, Like Always

The subdued whispers under the umbrella…

Taeyeon, Rain

A bright red umbrella, wet and drenched clothes and sneakers, I turn on and off the boiler. Whatever I do, it doesn’t dry.


I need an umbrella. I won’t get better with half-hearted comfort.

MAMAMOO, Rainy Season

WWithout an umbrella, I wash you away.


All night I’m in the rain, under a paper umbrella.

Yesung, Paper Umbrella

You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

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