kpop, a playlist: 20 smile-sparking MVs

Get your happy on with this music video playlist

This week, Kim Wooseok’s new MV Sugar debuted. I’m a huge UP10TION stan, and I had already heard the song on music shows last week so I knew I’d probably enjoy watching it. But I wasn’t really prepared for how I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire thing.

I think we can all use a dose of happy to shake off the monotony of winter, so may I present to you 19 of my favorite grin-getting kpop music videos featuring boy groups and male soloists.

1. SHINee – Hello

SHINee – Hello – 2010

If you haven’t said hello to this classic MV, now’s your chance. I predict your smile forming in the first 20 seconds.

2. BAP – Where Are You?

BAP – Where Are You? – 2014

Not only does this video make me smile, it also makes me bob my head along right with the guys.

3. GOT7 – Just Right

GOT7 – Just Right – 2015

Teenie Tiny Got7 = Great Big Smiles

4.BTS – Fire

BTS – Fire – 2016

If I ever get to the point where the part when the Bangtan boys around the stove doesn’t make me smile, that’s probably it for me.

5. ASTRO – Breathless

ASTRO – Breathless – 2016

This beachy video brings thoughts of summer and big smiles every time.

6. EXO-CBX – Hey Mama!

EXO-CBX – Hey Mama! – 2016

Every day is definitely a party day if you’re streaming this classic.

7. Victon – Unbelievable

Victon – Unbelievable – 2017

Hit play and let this cute MV work its magic.

8. Block B – Shall We Dance

Block B – Shall We Dance – 2017

This dance party gets me grinning every time.

9. Wanna One – I.P.U.

If seeing the boys sighing over their imagined loves doesn’t make you feel happy, Park Jihoon’s bear hair is guaranteed to do the trick.

10. The Boyz – Giddy Up

The Boyz – Giddy Up – 2018

The Boyz are literally singing the words “Giddy Up” on a gigantic pinball machine. I bet you’re smiling just thinking about it.

11. Seventeen – Oh My!

Seventeen – Oh My! 2018

Fireworks, beachy vibes and SIMs-like choreography are the key ingredients for a happy SVT video.

12. Pentagon – Naughty Boy

Pentagon – Naughty Boy – 2018

By the end of this, your spirits will soar as high as the boys’ jumps.

13. Stray Kids – Get Cool

Stray Kids – Get Cool – 2018

I don’t know if STZ is really cooler at the end of this video, but I know for sure I’m always happier.

14. Ha Sungwoon – Bird

Ha Sungwoon – Bird – 2019

This soft daydream of a video sets my spirit to soar.

15. Kyuhyun – Time With You

Kyuhyun – Time With You – 2019

Spend these 4 minutes learning about Kyuhyun’s favorite things and getting your smile on.


ATEEZ – Illusion – 2019

Climb aboard ATEEZ’s floating pirate ship and embark on a smile-worthy adventure with me.

17. NCT 127 – Highway to Heaven (English)

NCT 127 – Highway to Heaven – 2019

You can just tell that the boys had a blast making this video, and that happiness is infectious.

18. NU’EST – Love Me

Nu’est – Love Me – 2019

If you can watch this super cute MV and not smile, you’re trying to stay gloomy.

19. Hoppipolla – Let’s

Hoppipolla – Let’s – 2020

When this MV came out during the height of summer quarantine, it proved to be the smile starter I desperately needed.

20. Kim Wooseok – Sugar

Kim Wooseok – Sugar – 2021

Go ahead and treat yourself to this sugary sweet MV.

You can stream every video at once with this playlist. Once you’re good and happy, drop me a comment and let me know which video is your favorite.

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14 thoughts on “kpop, a playlist: 20 smile-sparking MVs

  1. Ahh, it wouldn’t show the full list before; my phone is being super weird. ANYWAY, my favorite on here is 100% Stray Kids’ “Get Cool” — it’s one of my happy songs, and I’m ready to learn the dance so I can jam even harder. It makes me so happy!

  2. My favorite of here is Illusion by the one and only, ATEEZ, this, along with other songs in this list, are catchy. ATEEZ’ ILLUSION has a great beat that gets me all energized ! Even though this wasn’t the main title track for their album, it’s very fun to watch and hear.

  3. For me, I think it’s either Oh My! by svt or Illusion by atz. In both of the MVs, they look like theyre having a lot of fun, which makes me pretty happy

  4. I love so many Naughty Boy and Get Cool so funny , Fire and Oh My are lit , and Love Me IS sweet , Illusion ,Highway To Heaven Giddy Up ,IPU , Just Right ……how can I choose just one …. ladies and gentlemen we have a Lays Potatoe Chip situation here … I CANT CHOOSE JUST ONE LOL

  5. You could not have chosen better songs!! But my favorite here is probably Naughty Boy (or any Pentagon song), Unbelievable, or Highway to Heaven!!!

  6. So many good videos and songs! Mine is probably a toss-up between GOT7’s “Just Right” and BTS’s “Fire”.

  7. I promise you- wanna one It is one of my favorites but if I have to choose I would prefer Giddy up, Naughty Boy and Love me. Too difficult to choose just one haha

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