fav of the day: rapper #21, pentagon’s wooseok

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Stealing the #21 spot on our list is…

Wooseok from PENTAGON.

I feel like all I should realistically need to do is put a link to the Basquiat MV and let that masterpiece speak for Wooseok’s awesomeness instead of dropping a few notes, but…

So I wanna start by saying Pentagon is just a box of surprises from the moment you open their colorful lid, and Wooseok was among the first to stand out to me–not just because he seems hella tall, but that did help.

It’s more that Wooseok to me feels like more than just another idol rapper in the world of idol rappers.

In a group that’s already bursting with such personality, off-beat voices and wonderful eccentricity, Wooseok still manages to be one of the most colorful among the members.

oh no, we made him shy

He’s got such an interesting character to his voice that none of their songs could ever hope to overshadow; on the contrary, he always comes in at the right time to add that intensity that Pentagon has come to be known for.

Wooseok’s voice is interesting in that it fits just as well with the lovesick dorkiness that is Shine as it does in dramatic, broody, cinematic Dr. BeBe–all without having to change up his style to fit the mood.

That’s kind of impressive to me.

Typically finding one’s spot in any given track requires at least a slight adjustment lest they end up sounding emotionally out of place on songs with wildly varying moods, but Wooseok doesn’t have that challenge to overcome. He always sounds natural and impressive, and consistent, no matter how peppy or how heavy the track may be.

For what Wooseok’s deep, expressive voice adds to Pentagon, he has made it onto our list of fav rappers this month.

Oh, and I wasn’t kidding… watch Basquiat. Seriously.

Below, you can check out a short playlist of some of my favorite Wooseok verses and check back tomorrow to see who’s taking the #20 spot.

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  1. Wooseok is such an underrated rapper!!! He is so talented and his tone is so unique and tickles my brain in all the right places! The music he writes and composes always ends up being some of my favorite songs, and he manages to be such an amazing dancer despite having some loooong limbs.

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