fav of the day: rapper #22, SEVETEEN’s S.Coups

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Settling into the 22nd spot on our list is none other than…


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that when I first found SVT, the sheer number of members made me nervous to stan. How was I ever going to remember that many names? And voices? And faces?!

(Side note–they were so captivating and talented that it really didn’t turn out to be any problem at all. In fact they became my ult group. So! If that’s holding you back from becoming a Carat–don’t let it.)

After only a few watches, I got used to their sheer size, and I was able to really appreciate just how exceptional each member is.

Even a group that size doesn’t seem like enough to store all of that talent between them, does it? Every single one of them is oozing skill, style and visuals. It’s easy to fall in love.

That’s true about the rap unit, too, which S.Coups is the leader of.

All leader-y and professional

Before anything else, Coups is just a lot of fun to listen to. He does for rap what SHINee’s Taemin does for dance: he does it so casually, so perfectly and with so much style that it almost seems accidental.

Like, “I can do this in my sleep. I just happen to be doing it now while you’re recording me. You’re welcome.”

Coups has a laid back style with syllables that just roll off his tongue, but not in a lazy way–he’s quite expressive, emotional and puts a lot into it. You really feel like you’re on a little journey when he lays down his verses and you bop along on his waves.

Take Trauma, for instance, a song about, well, trauma. Coups embodies his idea of trauma with that quiet, hushed, sighing sort of rap, like he’s just rolled over in bed in the middle of processing some Heavy Shit and is giving you his thoughts before going back to sleep.

Coups’ trauma is introspective, quiet, repressed, lonely. By contrast, Wonwoo and Vernon put their own spin on describing various traumas, such as Wonwoo’s frustrated, aggressive tone he takes on.

In Change Up, Coups once again bobs over his lyrics with a cool style and laid back groove that nicely rounds out the more energetic verse from Hoshi and Woozi’s high notes.

Conversely, Coups hits hard in Getting Closer, with his verse being nothing short of dizzying with its speed. In songs like CLAP, he also lets the energy out and gets playfully wild with his delivery, pushing along the flow of the song.

Overall, he plays off of the members wisely and just weaves himself right in, no matter the tone of the song.

It’s never just a straightforward, typical, tired verse from Coups. With so many members getting their lines split up thirteen directions, Coups certainly makes the most out of his.

For all of the flavor Coups brings to SVT’s songs, he’s made it on our list of fav rappers.

Check out a handful of my favorite SEVENTEEN songs with some groovy Coups verses and check back tomorrow for #21 on our list!

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