fav of the day: rapper #24, NCT DREAM’s Jaemin

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Stepping in to claim the 24th spot is…

NCT’s Na Jaemin.

NCT DREAM is and has always been bursting with personality and youthfulness, which I guess goes without saying as they are something of the maknae unit of NCT.

Each one of the member’s voices is as unique and distinct as their personalities; in the same way that the members bring their own wild physical presence to everything they do, none of their voices ever just blend into the background, or into one another’s, for that matter.

That said, to me, Jaemin is one of the members whose voices stand out the most (besides Haechan’s one-of-a-kind vocals, but we’re talking about rappers this month, so).

NCT DREAM’s 2020 release, Reload, saw the group take up a more mature direction. It also brought with it a noticeable absence of Mark Lee, leaving an opening for Jaemin to step in and fill.

Reload is a vibrant, complex and exciting album, and I believe much of that has to do our fav of the day.

His voice is incredibly versatile and brings flavor to each and every track. No matter if it’s the sweet sounds of Dear Dream, atmospheric Go or high-energy We Go Up, we believe NCT Dream just wouldn’t be the same without him.

For all that Jaemin brings to DREAM, he’s made our list of fav rappers of the month.

Check out a quick playlist featuring five of our favorite Jaemin verses below and check back tomorrow to see who we name #23!

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