fav of the day: rapper #25, j.seph

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Sitting high up in his throne at #25 is none other than…

Giving us those Dionysus vibes

J.Seph of the co-ed group, KARD.

When I first came across KARD, I was as intrigued as I was nervous–I felt like a co-ed group could go only one way or the other–excellent or awful–with no chance of a milder in-between.

On a spectrum, if “excellent” was a 10 and “awful” was a 1, KARD was a 20 for me right out of the gate.

KARD confidently, consistently and perfectly does what other kpop groups will sometimes dip their toes in nervously: experiment with moombahton.

But KARD doesn’t stop there. They fuse those moombahton beats with trendy Latin influences and top them with vocal styles and choreo clearly informed by Bollywood.

No one quite does it like them, and because J.Seph’s style works exceptionally well in making them what they are, he’s getting the spotlight here.

Plus, he’s just super lovable, got a huge personality and a talent for making Jiwoo crack up.


While the male half of KARD certainly both have something to offer the group, J.Seph stands out to me more than his Korean-American counterpart, BM.

J.Seph’s style is consistent, emotional, and emphatic in a way that adds lots of feeling to the tracks. His vocal syncopation is punctuative and strong and helps lay down the foundation of every single KARD song when he gets going.

Whether he’s gliding over a four-on-the-floor beat or keeping up with that reggaeton/house music fusion that is moombahton, he does so without a hitch. He’s articulate and crisp and isn’t shy about showing off a little technical skill here and there.

For all that J.Seph brings to KARD, he has made it on our list of favorite Korean rappers this month.

Check out a quick playlist of some of my favorite KARD tracks below. If you’re new to the group, I’m sure you’ll be just as delightfully surprised as BG and I were.

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