get to know dkb: 9 reasons why you need to stan

in honor of dkb’s first anniversary here’s some great reasons to love them

1. E-Chan and Heechan’s dance skills

Both of these guys have Moves. And leader E-Chan’s known as the idea man for what he brings to the group’s choreography.

2. D1 & Teo’s acrobatics

I’d hate to say you’ll flip for these two–but you will and I just did. Their skills aren’t just impressive on the mat; they add excitement to DKB‘s stages time and time again.

3. GK’s rap power

Whether the song is hard core hip-hop or something lighter, GK never fails to take things to the next level when he starts with the rhymes.

4. Lune’s visuals

It was that shot on the top right that had me click the Sorry Mama MV the day it debuted, and I’m so glad I did. Lune has a unique look and during every performance his facial expressions sell the message of the song without fail.

5. Junseo’s bonus content

BB gets fed plenty of surprise videos, but Junseo‘s tend to be my favorite. I never know when he’s going to show off his silky voice, drop a dance cover or just freestyle some dance moves.

6. Yuku’s sunshine

His nickname is Soft Sun, and it’s easy to see why. Yuku’s personality and sweet smile are sure to brighten your day.

7. Harry-June’s boneless body

Where are his bones? I don’t know, but I hope he never finds them because damn can he dance.

8. Dance covers galore

Every single dance covers these boys put out is perfect. I can’t choose a favorite but their take on Chung Ha’s Snapping is definitely up there.

9. Their music, of course

A lot of new kpop groups take time to hit their stride, but not DKB. From their debut, they’ve put out strong mini albums that are well produced. Their songs vary widely in sound and mood, so they’ve got something for everybody. You can discover them for yourself with my playlist.

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