fav of the day: rapper #26, DAWN (던)

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Bringing us to #26 is…

… idol rapper turned soloist, DAWN.

BG and I hopped on the Pentagon boat a little late, but we were early enough to meet DAWN when he was still going by E’Dawn.

His unique look, distinctive voice and eccentric presence quickly earned him a spot at the top of both of our Pentagon bias lists until E’Dawn dropped the ‘E’ and started dropping solo tunes as well, at which point we were forced to reconsider.

(Hui is my Pentagon bias if you’re wondering; BG’s is Jinho!)

You know how it goes–every time you stan a new group, there’s a period of time spent learning faces, names and voices.

When it came to the fella formerly known as E’Dawn, he stood out immediately. We never had to question whose verse we were listening to or which face we were observing in an MV. He added something undeniably weird and good to Pentagon’s tracks and continues that in his solo work.

And it is for that reason that Dawn, aka E’Dawn, aka Kim Hyojong, secured his spot among this countdown of our favorite rappers.

Some of his most memorable-to-us verses can be found in the playlist below.

What are yours? Let us know. Then, give our picks a listen and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for #25!

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