top 10 kpop performances of january 2021

find out which kpop performances we couldn’t get enough of last month

January was a huge month for kpop multistans like us. We got treated to dozens of new songs and were glued to our screens watching the latest music videos. And on top of it all, we got to see incredible choreography all month long. Before we get into which performances were our favorites, we wanted to take a moment to explain how we judged this category.

We considered each single and B-side brought on music shows and shared on YouTube channels in January, watching everything from performance music videos to special clips to live stages. When we say “performance,” we don’t mean just one specific appearance but the collective.

As we watched, we considered how well the dancing and the visuals conveyed the message of the song and how interesting and/or enjoyable the stage was. Because we used prerecorded videos as a part of our analysis, we did not consider things like how stable the idols’ voices were when the songs were performed live on any given night. When we selected which actual video to link to, we tried to pick one where you can see the dancing best, which is why many are prerecorded or performance MVs.

Now that we’ve explained our rationale, let’s dig into the top 10:

10. Pink Fantasy – Lemon Candy

For a pretty basic bubble gum kpop song, Lemon Candy has a really fun stage. We love the arms throughout the chrous, how they group up at different times and use the floor to keep the performance exciting.

9. woo!ah! – I Don’t Miss U

Much like the song itself, the stage for I Don’t Miss U is sassy and playful, and no matter which member you focus on, the visuals are always on point.


Considering this high-energy hip hop stage is T1419‘s debut, I can’t wait to see where they go from here. We especially love the sequence beginning around the 2 minute mark leading into the chorus. *chef’s kiss*

7. Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

The stage for Love So Sweet doesn’t miss a beat–literally. Although the choreography seems pretty simple, it fits the music impeccably and the constant motion makes it so much fun to watch. Plus, we love how the members so smoothly handle transitions.

6. Victon – What I Said

Victon brings the energy every time. We feel out of breath ourselves when this stage is done. We’re particularly partial to the choreography from the bridge through the chorus–those hops on the ‘booms’–ahhhh!

5. ONEUS – No Diggity

We opted for the choreography version of this because it’s the only way you can really see how bold and big this dance is, especially during the last 30 seconds, but it was a hard decision, as their visuals are not to be missed either.

4. Cool Cool – Golden Child

I saw a stage for Cool Cool after I saw Burn It performed a couple of times, and I thought there was no way I’d like the dance for it better, but I was wrong. Cool Cool is slick and fun, just like the song, and the choreography really uses the large size of the group to advantage with creative formations and transitions.

3. MCND – Crush

Sharp, fun choreography and visuals that range from sweet and smoldering made this video one we watched over and over and over (andOverandOverandOver) again.

2. G(I)-DLE – HWAA

The choreography for HWAA has the same ethereal haunting quality as the song itself. While we didn’t consider costuming too heavily in our analysis, the stylists for (G)I-DLE deserve some special recognition, as the members looked incredible on each and every music show.

1. ONEUS – Devil Is in the Detail

You know how people will say on social media “I’m yelling?” when really they’re just excitedly typing. Well, when I watched this performance for the first time I was actually yelling. Yelling things like “oh my god did you see that” and “holy sh!t LOOK at him!!!” Towards the end of that first view, I said to Lucy, this is insane and at that exact moment–that BACKFLIP. I thought my head was going to explode. Anyway, if you didn’t watch the special clip or see ONEUS perform it live, you’re missing out because–damn.

So there you have it–our picks for best performance of January 2021. What was your favorite stage? Tell us in the comments.

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