10 best kpop music videos of january 2021

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Oneus – No Diggity

10. Oneus – No Diggity

Flamethrowers, edgy costumes and unexpected settings–this video has it all plus a ton of symbolism that I broke down at length earlier this month.

MCND – Crush

9. MCND – Crush

Unfolding in a futuristic setting that brings to mind something out of the original Star Trek, this video is every bit as fun as the song it pairs with.



I heard HWAA before I saw the video, and everything the song evoked in my mind I saw later on the screen from the surrealistic vignettes to the gorgeous costumes to the richly saturated color palette.

EPIK HIGH – Rosario

7. EPIK HIGH ft. CL & Zico – Rosario

By taking us through hallways and rooms in a single building, this video gives you a claustrophobic, dizzied feeling, allowing you to get lost in the music. The concept makes me think of the movie Four Rooms, and the camerawork and editing of the MV definitely give it a cinematographic quality.

Youha – Abittipsy

6. Youha – Abittipsy

There couldn’t be a better way to highlight the vaporwave vibes of Youha’s song than this video with its bold colors, quirky imagery and retro vibes. Plus, it’s tons of fun to watch.

IU – Celebrity

5. IU – Celebrity

We love this video because it works on two levels. You can watch it and just take in the beauty of the costumes and the sweet melody of the song, or you can dig into the deeper meaning, which I discussed last week.

Baekhyun – Get You Alone

4. Baekhyun – Get You Alone

In addition to fitting the song perfectly, this video shows off Baekhyun’s duality with him switching from cute and goofy to deadly sexy and back again (and back again and back again).

Hoppipolla – Your Ocean

3. Hoppipolla – Your Ocean

The first time I watched this video, I thought it was very beautiful. I loved the minimalism and simplicity of it, but I didn’t think too deeply about it. Once I learned that the song was about reassuring someone who is going through a difficult time that you will love them no matter what, I gained a new appreciation for the way the video slowly grows brighter and more hopeful in subtly ways as it progresses.

Victon – What I Said

2. Victon – What I Said

Everything about this video was flawless–the costuming, the boys’ visuals, the editing, the cinematography and more. Plus, tons of thought went into symbolizing the song’s message, as I explained earlier this month.

1. Golden Child – Burn It

Is it a music video or a short film? With its exceptional acting and compelling story, you could make an argument for the latter. It’s a true masterpiece, the kind of video that even those who don’t know or enjoy kpop would be engaged by. I also love that the zombies can be read as a symbol, as I discussed last week.

There you have it–our 10 favorite kpop MVs from last month. Which music video was your favorite? Tell us in the Comments section, and stay tuned–tomorrow we’ll be counting down the best performances/choreography of January 2021.

In the meantime, you can watch all of the videos on our YouTube playlist:

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