kpop, a playlist: startlingly random animals in MVs

I am totally of the belief that kpop alone is keeping the music video industry alive. Sure, there are of course artists dropping videos here and there throughout the world, but they just don’t make ’em like they do in Korea.

From all of the lore of the idol groups to the famously weird looks that we let them get away with, these videos feel like a whole new world.

Whatcha wearin’, guys? And why do I love it so much?

There’s something to delight in, ironically or unironically, about every video, and for animal lovers, that’s doubly true.

Watch enough videos and you’ll definitely notice a trend of random animals where they simply Do Not Belong. And for some people, surprise animals in places they Do Not Belong are the best kind of animals.

It’s me. I’m “some people.”

If I’m talking about you, too, then have a look with me at some of my favorite “…what’s with that animal?” moments from music videos, in no particular order.

Nu’est W’s Deja Vu

Deja Vu was mine and BG’s first real Nu’est W video, and the group made sure they didn’t disappoint. At first we were all, “wow, JR looks so good with that eyeshadow” or “damn look at Aron’s waist” as one does.

But then… there was a goat.

In the hallway.

Like the music literally stopped and in came a goat clomping around, looking at the camera like we were in his house. Like we were the weirdos. Not the rando goat.

But wait, there’s more. This is not the last time we see this… surely lore-based symbol of some sort that I don’t care to learn about.

It’s the goat fading in and out from nowhere like some eerie harbinger of the equally as unsettling rando little princess for us.

We’ve seen that video more times than we can count since then, but that goat always takes us by surprise and we ruin the atmospheric mood of it all by laughing every single time. Man, I love this group.

Wanna One’s Burn it Up

The video is off to a galloping start with a sleek black stallion booking it down a moody grayscale beach…which maybe isn’t so out of place if you’re about to, like, watch the credits of some cheesy romance movie roll, I guess.

But then seconds later it gets jarringly surreal with this equestrian who we learn is not just a horse but is also some abstract modern sculpture… that is also an entity that is affected not by physics of our mortal realm…

…and is also… Kang Daniel?

BG and I have affectionately named this Honse Daniel. No, that’s not a typo.

I have questions, comments and concerns.

Here’s the entire Animorphs situation for your viewing pleasure.

Maybe it’s not fair to compare this to Animorphs, actually…

Were any of you other oldies traumatized by these book covers as a kid? No? just me?

Kang Daniel doesn’t give me nightmares like that. Quite the opposite.

Kang Daniel’s Touchin

What Daniel does give me is 1) excellent visuals and 2) even more animals in rando places.

Here we have a cute Scottish Fold show up in his music video for Touchin’, never to be seen again after we get this conspiratorial little wink in the beginning.

Stan talent. Stan Kong 2

Kush’s Reminisce

WARNING: if you have photosensitivity or are otherwise affected by flashing lights, be advised of the following gif in this section.

So, the actual thumbnail for this video is a dog. I went in expecting to see a dog, as one might.

But I did not just get one dog. I got ALL OF THE DOGS. Many of them! So many dogs!

Not only did I get many, many dogs, I got an entire (super depressing) story about dogs that eventually culminated in a… doggy disco.

Like… why?

You’ve just got to see it for yourself. You can find it in the playlist at the end of this article. There’s no way to explain what’s going on here outside of what I’ve already said.

Wanna One’s Energetic

Swinging it back around to Kang Daniel for a second–we’ve got the surprise appearance of a dog who does indeed seem to be quite energetic over the fact that he’s getting to hang out with Seongwu and Jisung but… he Does Not Belong.

Why is he behind drywall? With holes ripped out? Did he chew through the place? Did they let him? Where did they find this dog? What’s his story?

And why do we only see him for, like, half a second? Rude.

EXO’s Sehun’s On Me

Ready for more horses? I wasn’t.

There were two (2) surprises to unwrap here. The first–ya guessed it–is another horse. I suppose I could kinda stretch out and reach to say the horse on the beach isn’t super random… but this makes even less sense than abstract-art-Honse-Daniel.

Here we see Oh Sehun, looking sinfully handsome, chillin on a horse, which, okay. But that horse…

… appears to be on the tarmac of a regional airport. Cool. Cool cool.

Before that random horse who Does Not Belong appears, though, we got to see Sehun’s way-too-cute pooch, Vivi.

BG and I had a collective, shrieky moment when she flashed in and out of the MV.

Beyond that, there is something about a man as, well, manly as Sehun with a fluffy, well groomed, adorable dog named Vivi and hearing him say her name in that deep voice. It was a good day to stan Sehun.

Woosung’s FACE

In The Rose’s Woosung’s video for his song, FACE, for a split, glorious second we see a springy little frög bounce off of the hand of Bang Wuri, otherwise known as Daisy Bang, otherwise known as a gorgeous Korean model who that frog was lucky to hang out with.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Or was she the lucky one?

NCT 127’s Regular

So at this point I’m pretty much, like, okay: I can expect the occasional dog, cat, or horse.


I might come across a goat for no good reason, and I might be asked to cope with the joy of seeing a sudden frog… and that’s just a fact of life I have to accept as a kpop lover.

But then… tiger.

Look, I get that Regular has something to say and what that something is, is “I’ve got a lot of fucking money, peasants,” but, still.

Mark Lee walking the CGI tiger was not what I thought was among the possibilities for the boys to use to display their embarrassment of riches.

But you know what Mark Lee says about possibilities, I guess…

EXO CBX’s Blooming Days

Alright, so this one is kind of a stretch considering it does fit with the aesthetic of the video, but my surprise was loud and apparent when I first noticed Jongdae snuggling up to this adorable Scottish Fold. It definitely deserves an honorable mention.

Also! Another Scottish Fold!

So there you have it. If you want to see all of these animals in context (though context doesn’t really help all that much…) check out the video playlist just below.

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