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delve into the visuals of the new music video with BG

DreamCatcher’s new music video, ‘Odd Eye,’ has racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube. Whether you’re InSomnia or a kpoppie discovering the group for the first time, you were likely blown away by the bold visuals in the video. But what exactly do they represent? Let’s take a look together.

What is ‘Odd Eye’ by DreamCatcher about, anyway?

‘Odd Eye’ is all about falling for illusions and lies. The song encourages listeners to use their “odd eyes” to look past what they see on the surface of things and to discover the truth beneath. It urges us to accept reality and to not fall into the trap of believing in artificial utopias.

Specifically, I believe the song is referring to the difference between real life and what we see presented through social media, movies, music videos and the like. As we explore the visuals in the video, it will become clear why.

The Screens

Throughout the video, we see a variety of screens from retro televisions to desktop computers to smartphones. As the scenes progress, the screens begin to glow, and the DreamCatchers are able to see something that wasn’t originally visible there. In some cases, they can even reach into the screen and disturb the images.

All of the screens represent various ways that we are exposed to media like Instagram posts and YouTube videos. The media portrays life in an unrealistic way. If you believe what you see, you may think that everyone you know is perfectly happy and completely successful when in reality everyone is simply putting their best face forward. The media also tries to manipulate how we think and what we buy. By paying careful attention and really thinking about what you’re seeing, you can destroy the illusion.

The Tree

Several times, the video presents this rather beautiful tree. It is the sort of thing you might see someone photograph and share on social media. But the tree is obviously not real. For one thing, it’s growing in a mostly dark room rather than outside. You’ll also notice that there are glowing cables coming from it, suggesting that it is an artificial image. Plus, the tree shifts from autumn to winter foliage in a seconds, which obviously is impossible. The tree serves as a warning: do not be lured in by beautiful things that are not what they seem.

The Red Drink

The video opens on Yoohyeon sleeping in a chair shaped like a face. In front of her, is a television and a red beverage in a crystal glass. At one point, she picks up the glass and takes a drink. Immediately, we see blackness spreading through her veins. It turns out that drink presented in the elegant glassware was actually poison. We don’t know what will happen to her now that she drank it, but presumably it won’t be good.

Through the media, we willingly consume lies that are presented in a visually appealing way. Like the poisoned drink, we take in the untruths. They can make us believe toxic things, cause depression and destroy lives in other ways.

The Blindfold & Flowers

One of the most surrealistic sequences in the video involves JiU wearing a blindfold and holding a bouquet of flowers. There is an entire universe behind her, but she doesn’t see it. She is too busy posing there. Eventually, she catches fire and starts to burn. Even then, she does not move to try and save herself.

This is another reminder of the dangers of being glued to the artificial world shown on our screens. We put ourselves at risk and miss out on the real beauty that exists around us.

Think about how many times you have only half listened to a friend because you were scrolling or spent a meal watching likes and comments grow instead of savoring your food. We are all guilty of getting trapped in this way from time to time, but DreamCatcher asks us to recognize when we are, to remove our blindfolds and see what’s right in front of us.

There you have it–my visual analysis of Odd Eye! What did you think of the video? Did you see anything that I missed? Tell me about it in the Comments section.

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